Ever growing in popularity and ability, Joey Bada$$ has asserted himself as a torch bearer for the legacy of East Coast hip-hop. Seen by some as New York’s answer to Kendrick Lamar, revitalising the sound of those who came before him, Bada$$ has gone from strength to strength since he burst onto the scene at just 17 years of age with his critically acclaimed debut mixtape ‘1999’...

More Life by Drake

Following the release of his 4th studio album VIEWS, it appeared that Drake had come to a dead end. Despite the album’s commercial success including the mega-hit ‘One Dance’, the first song to reach 1 billion streams on Spotify, VIEWS seemed creatively lacklustre and incohesive...

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Gang Signs and Prayer by Stormzy

Almost two years on from his break out track ‘Shut Up’, a “fire in the park” freestyle that now boasts a modest 52 million views on YouTube, Stormzy has experienced a rapid rise to become one of the stars of the grime scene in the UK and a major export in the industry’s’ recent found worldwide popularity thanks to the success of compatriots like Skepta and his BBK crew...

Process by Sampha

A debut project a long time coming for the talented vocalist, Sampha breaks out from the shadow of a host of collaborators to deliver an impressive body of work in the form of his first LP.

I See You by The xx

Back from 5 year hiatus that saw each member carve distinctively different paths in music and beyond. The return of xx members Jamie Smith, Romy Madley-Croft and Oliver Sim marks a resumption of a familiar sentiment with a fresh sound and new found maturity.

Gianni Cozzi
Yes Lawd! by Nxworries

It’s not a far stretch to say 2016 has been the year of Anderson .Paak. After bursting into the mainstream with an astonishing 6 features on Dr. Dre’s ‘Compton’ in late 2015, .Paak continued the wave of momentum laying down his unique voice and rap sung style to an impressive sophomore solo LP Malibu in January, followed by a seemingly never ending array of features throughout the year.

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Divas & Demons by Remi

Divas & Demons marks the continuation of Remi Kolawole’s coming of age as a driving force at the forefront of a new type of Australian rap sound. Building on the success of his critically acclaimed debut release Raw x Infinity and the popularity of his breakout single Sangria and few years ago, REMI builds on this trajectory with a project even more impressive than the last, offering a strong output of tracks that embody his familiar laid back Melbournian aesthetic.

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